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New Mum New Beautician

Hello my wonderful people! Lets get started by introducing myself, my name is Nicolina y'all aka OLS Beauty. I'm a beautician based in South West London, I specialise in Lash Extensions, Eyebrows, Nails and Facials. I'm 26 years young and a mummy to a beautiful girl who is 1 and a half :) Firstly I would like to apologise in advance if this blog is a tad rusty it's my first time writing one and well, .. let's GO for it, ENJOY!!

If you haven't guessed by the title... This one is for my super mum's out there. You may be thinking about starting up a business or you're already within the beauty industry! Whichever it is here's my tips, tricks AND lessons learnt during my journey.

My daughter was just 5 months when I decided to take the leap and become a beautician and the best part is ... it just happened! It wasn't something I had been planning on doing as I have always been in full time work! Was out of my comfort zone? For sure however I have my daughter to thank and I don't regret it. I first opened last year February 2020 known as "Oh So Lashed" after qualifying in Lash Extensions October 2019. From that date I'm sure you can tell what happened next.... A month after I had launched, the entire world met RONA (my more pleasant name for COVID). But I did not let this stop me (even though I had no idea how to run a business PLUS during a pandemic). However what I did know is that when I had my daughter I wanted to be with her as much as possible! Now you may find this a little insane but I started my beauty business by seeing a YouTube recommendation... yes it's wild and you maybe thinking huh! I was watching my usual Make-up Guru Videos (shout out Jackie Aina I love her!) and a recommendation video came up "how to do lash extensions" so of course I clicked on it! I had only got them done twice prior by an amazing lash tech @lashesbymarns so I was VERY curious to see what happens in my lash appointments! After that video, the rest was history lol! I booked a Classic Extension course the next week and that was the beginning of now OLS Beauty! I am still new to the beauty industry but here's some advice, tips and tricks for all my beauty girls and boys, my mommas and mommas to be if you're thinking of starting out! If you haven't already, stick the kettle on and let's tuck in! 1. Money Okay I'll just say the least favourite one first. This is from experience, if you want to start out in the beauty industry I would strongly suggest doing your research and then budgeting how much you will need especially when you have kids. Some examples below: -Courses (make sure they are accredited & do your researcher you don't want to pay twice) -Equipment and products for AFTER your course ( you need a set up after your course to continue practice) - Travel costs ( some courses may be in other cities I traveled from London to Preston for a Russian Lash Course if you want it you will do whatever it takes.) Try to be organised and thinking one step ahead. Slow and steady wins the race! It's not a rush to get everything done and booked take your time and make sure you have the finances you need as this will make your learning experience MUCH more pleasant and stress-free! 2. Social Media Instagram and Facebook are FANTASTIC platforms to promote your business. They need to be used correctly in order for this to work for you. Finding balance between mum life an the gram can often be hard when starting up! YouTube is amazing at teaching you how to use such platforms to there potential. The little extra mile makes a big difference to how your business page work. My last tip on social media is short, sweet and will save you ample time, tears and energy. Social media can be a VERY draining and toxic place if you let it. Keep it strictly business. Just YOU and YOUR business. Simple, effective and vital! #justmindyourbuisness

3. Take Your Time If you're someone like me that has to have everything now now now! Or your someone who can't stop thinking about it until you do?! Then this for you! Setting up your own business is not something that can be done in one day (I thought that lmao, oops) and I literally tried to have everything done before I even opened! After care bags, loyalty cards, business cards, referral cards. Yes its nice to have it all done and looking pretty, but if I could change one thing it would be my focus. Study and perfect your craft. Really take in what you have learnt from your course/s. Go back over your notes, ask your trainer question, try to have a willingness to WANT to always improve and be the best version of YOU. That's how you get/maintain a good clientele. Don't worry about those fancy cards and bags at the beginning (another added cost & pressure) that will come in time all you need at the start is your business cards. Hand them out everywhere you go! 4. Time Management Mommas! This one is especially for you! You. Need. A. Planner. I cannot say this enough, the days of trying to plan your day, week, year in your head is over once you have your little bean. Baby brain is an understatement and real y'all! Get used to visually seeing your goals and plans they stick much better and you feel motivated and proud seeing the growth. A great way I do this is by using one of the best social media planners out there not just for business' but your personal life too !

They are from @alwaysbonitaeauty just £9.99 on the website!! This saved my braincells! As a mother having children reduces your time to pretty much - 8hours a day (exaggeration haha) but don't get disheartened if you feel can't spend as much time as you'd like with your buisness, do it when YOU can it's absolutely OKAY. Please don't stress yourself out because you see everyone else "getting on" and feel you have too keep up. No! Whether it's in-between naps, breast feeding or if like me I work in reverse, Mummy in the day work in the night when everyone is sleeping and I have optimal silence and tranquility (until the night feed/nappy change is due). Being parent never stops! So the sooner you figure out your routine and where you can "fit" some you, some mum time and some work time the better ! And yes it's a hard road, this is sacrifice but If you really want it girl let's get it! Temporary uncomfortableness for a lifetime of paradise? Count me in! Mum's can do this too! WE can do this!!

Are you guys still with me? If so thank you so much for taking the time and 8 coffees later to read a "little" about me hehe.. I hope you found something you can relate/use/implement as it's been a learning curve and still is for me or even if you know you are not alone in yur journey! That's the beauty of it all to help and uplift! Good luck! Keep Fighting! And Stay Safe! "Take a break, but never quit. " - Ya girl Nicolina x @Oslbeauty_

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