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2 Day Combo Course

Volume Lashes

Course Cost £689

Here at Always Bonita Beauty we are proud to offer the ultimate kick start to your career with out 2 Day Classic & Volume Course. This course requires no previous experience and will help you learn the art of Classic & Hand Made Volume Lashes.

Day 1: Classic Course - this day will teach you all you need to know about the basics of lashing along with, health and safety, anatomy and physiology. You will also have time do to practical practice on a doll head and model. (Approx 6hr day)

Day 2: Volume Course - following on from your day 1 you will recap on the basics of lashing and start the day refreshing your knowledge. You will go over the theory part of hand made fans, hybrid lashes along with practical practice on both a doll head and model. (Approx 6hr Day)


This means you will leave the course with all the knowledge you need to become your very own Last Artist and business boss.

On the day of training you’ll get a full kit worth over £200 & two in-depth manuals, along with plenty of practice time during the day allowing time for your trainer to give you  plenty of support for you to go home feeling confident in a technique that works for you.

You will also be added into the private student support group that will allow you to have on going support after you have attended the course, meaning you will not be alone and we will be there to support your journey.

Classic & Volume Combo
£689 incl VAT

1 x Adhesive
1 x Tray Lashes CC 15 Mix
1 x Tray Lashes CC 0.06 Mix
10 x Mascara Wands
1 x Lint Free Wipes

10 x Eye Pads
1 x Boot Tweezer
1 x L Boot Angle Tweezer
1 x Isolation Tweezer
3 x Glue Wells
1 x Micropore Tape
1 x Cleansing Brush
1 x Cleanser
1 x Lash Remover
1 x Sponge
2 x Lash Tile
1 x Pack Microbrush
1 x Lash Mirror
1 x Scotch Dot
1 x Lash Blower

1 x Water Flush Bottle
10 x Aftercare Cards
10 x Consultation & Patch Test Form
1 x Mapping Pen 

Accredited by ABT

Length Of Course

1 -2 hours Pre-Course Study
9.30am - Approx 4pm (Day 1 & 2)
Start and end times may vary depending on trainer and course numbers..


You will be required to supply a model 1 - 3.30pm, each day this can be the same model for both.
(times may vary depending on trainer)

Pre & Post Course Requirement
Pre : Suitable for beginners however must complete 1-2 hours Pre-Course Study
Post : After you have completed your day training you will be required to go home and complete a minimum of 3 case studies.

Course Cost
£689 includes:
Full starter kit, pdf online pre-read manual, full manual on the day, certificate of attendance & training, exclusive discount code & on going support.


Payments can be split into two, £200 deposit and remainder 2 weeks prior. 

Klarna & PayPal Options Available At Check Out.

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