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Cardiff, UK

Award Winner | Speaker | Judge | Mentor | Writer

One thing I have learnt throughout life is that we are always learning, I started by putting those Saturday shifts in at my local cafe as a teen! That definitely gave me a sense of achievement in my early days and aloud me to grow further as I matured. 

I hit the age of 18 and started working day shifts, nights shift and everything in-between, bar life was crazy but fun. However it also made me realise I needed a plan B. Amongst the excitement of cocktails & karaoke on a Thursday & Monday evening I found myself at the local college painting toe nails and perming lashes.  

Between then & now there has been plenty of Learning, Growing & Achieving! (happy tears, stress tears, smiles and awards)

Here I am today I have now been in the beauty industry for around 10 years and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you! 

Things aren't always easy juggling being a Mum & running a thriving business, if I can achieve it so can you!

Just as I am making my goals happen, I am here to help you reach yours!


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