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Let's Get Mobile

Hey Everyone, I’m Emma aka Beauty by Emma Jayne and as you may have guessed by the title of the blog, I am a mobile beautician. So you maybe asking yourself what kind of blog is this! Well I want to share with you why being a mobile beautician isn't a bad or scary thing!

So lets get to it! Specialising in bespoke lash & brow treatments along with giving girls that glow with spray tanning. I also offer hair braiding, festival looks & make up. I have been full time self-employed doing this job for just over 2 years and guess what?! I absolutely love it! Being mobile of course means I am not just based in one location, I cover the majority of Oxfordshire travelling to people’s homes offering bespoke beauty treatments!

I know what you’re thinking “How does she offer all of this mobile?” well let’s put it this way, tip number 1, having a big car does help! It is usually full with multiple bags and equipment ready for all my clients! So being organised and keeping a clean car is key!

I won’t lie, being mobile can be hard work at times and I think that’s why I find there is a lack of mobile beauticians! I mean not that I’m complaining as that leaves lots of space on the scene for people like myself to be constantly fully booked and/or extremely busy. With offering so many treatments and carrying around stock and equipment it does get tiring however, the positives out way all of this.

There is no better feeling than when a client comments “This is so convenient” or “Mobile is great as I struggle with childcare”! It makes me feel like I am glamming up lots of people who may not otherswise be able to have treatments as they can’t make it to a salon for whatever reason or they just find it a lot more comfortable and convenient to receive treatments in the comfort of their own home.

Being mobile also brings a great relationship with clients, they are letting you into their home and space which is often filled with family members, children and pets. They’re trusting you more than any salon they could go too and I enjoy this feeling especially when they become regular clients and also a lot of the time friends. A client being comfortable in their own space also a lot of the time (not all the time) means that the clients are not as twitchy and fidgety! (Much easier for us as beauticians)!

Mobile beauty is also great for the freedom of working when you want and also how many hours you want. I find with offering spray tans I do work late often Thursdays and Fridays, sometimes till 11pm and I don’t mind it at all! But then if I don’t want to work a weekend, I can work extra in the week and a bit later or start earlier and I am still getting a great income.

Like I said being mobile is the easiest option and when speaking to other professionals some have changed and gone into a salon or room quite quickly as it’s just not for them however, if you are wanting to give it a try here are some of my tips:

  1. Buy good quality products and equipment. You’re beauty bed for example will gain a lot more wear and tear as you are opening and closing, putting it in and out of a car a lot too. Make sure you buy a sturdy and lightweight bed that you can carry – especially when you have clients in flats because them stairs sometimes are a killer.

  2. Storage! Also make sure you have the correct storage for your products in your car. On a hot day you don’t want your glue or other products being affected so a little cool bag will help you out.

  3. Make time for you. Schedule breaks, schedule 10 min admin breaks during the day, food breaks, drink breaks, and toilet stops. This is important.

  4. Time and travel! Try not to limit yourself in where you cover. I allow 30 mins between clients for travel. For some this isn’t ideal as you are losing money with this time but you won’t find a fulltime busy client base with hardly any travel. Some days work out that I hardly travel at all but other days is a little more – it’s swings and roundabouts.

  5. Dress comfy! I cannot stress this enough. Don’t feel like you have to dress up to the nines and impress people. I can tell you that nearly all of my clients comment that they feel relaxed as I am relaxed. I may not do my hair and make-up everyday but they find this less intimidating. You are going into their home and 9 out of 10 clients are in dressing gowns.

  6. Be prepared for pets. I now take dog treats for certain clients pets and some little pups are well behaved and have lash naps with their mumma’s on the bed. If you have allergies or phobias take this into account!

Beauty in general is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done in my life, doing a service and seeing confidence grow in a person because of what you have done is priceless. Be prepared to work hard and especially if you are mobile be prepared for always having a full tank of petrol for driving round!

Well I hope this has helped some and you enjoyed! Here's a cheeky example of what I get up to on a day to day basis

Stay Safe

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