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How To Retail Online

Hey, I'm Jade owner of Ooh La La Lash & Brow Studio in Crawley and trainer for Always Bonita Beauty.

I am sure many of you reading this are in the same situation as myself! The current Covid-19 situation has sadly meant our clients have had to unwillingly give up their trips to the salon due to restrictions and also give up on their beauty treatments in the salon. Due to this we are facing natural lashes we haven’t seen in years, bare nails that have never breathed and hair that’s showing its true colours.

With time to on our hands among the home schooling and walks we can reflect and grow our businesses, it is the perfect moment for us to grab an opportunity to retail our products from the salon or home salon to online. Yes that's right! We can continue making clients feel good, keep their custom and earn some extra pennies whilst doing so!


You can use social media, websites and booking systems, link them together to maximise exposure and sales. 2. BE CLEAR Use clear, bright images and videos! Using a ring light and a bright background is perfect or you can contact the manufacturer to see if your able to use their images. 3. SELL IT Add a detailed description! Explain what the product is, the benefits of it and how to use the product. Again, this is something you may be able to use directly from the manufacturers. 4. WHY THEY NEED IT Use product reviews from yourself & clients! Customers are more likely to buy into something that is recommended to them, so try out the products you are using and tell your customers what you thought. It’s also great to upload any written reviews you receive. - 5. BRING IT TO LIFE Post client selfies using the products! Similar to above, customers want to see others using the products before they buy. Ideal content to upload on your social media. Make a tutorial An easy way for you to show how to use the product as well and a simple way to sell without being pushy. Instagram reels is perfect for this! One for you to try - How to use your lash cleanser.

6. SAVE SOME ££ Add a promotion or offer! Everyone loves a discount, throw one out there every now and again to boost sales.

Top Tip - If you don’t already have the products to sell, tell your clients you plan on making an order, take payment and order the amount you need so you’re not left with stock sitting there!


We aren't done yet! Some things to consider: 1. Postage costs, ensure you aren’t out of pocket with postage. Pop on to Royal Mails website to find all shipping details. 2. What is best to retail? You need to consider our current situation, it wouldn’t be much use to a client to purchase a lash brush right now when they have little or no extensions left. The industries favourites: - Products that can benefit the health of a clients Lashes, Nails etc such as growth serums. - Removal kits. - Do it yourself treatments (facial kits have gone down a treat). - On the go replacements such as strip lashes and stick-on nails. - Other products that may be sitting on your shelves such as lash cleansers will be ideal for an offer/promo. Well that is it from me for now! I hope you have enjoyed and taken some pointers that can help you, your business and clients! Jade x @alwaysbonita_jade @oohlalalashesandbrows

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