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NEXT EVENT 28/11/21

Attended one of our previous events?
Yes, then you will know how inspiring, welcoming and motivational they are!
If you haven't we look forward to seeing you in 2022!


What Are The Events About?
Business & Well-being in a welcoming and engaging setting that allows you to network, learn and feel empowered!

Numbers are kept at comfortable amount to allow or a friendly and positive setting!


Where Are The Events?
Our previous and next event have been held in the heart of Cardiff making them easily accessible however we may would consider holding events in other parts of the U.K.. Watch the space!

The Aim
To feel included, gain knowledge, share experiences and networking with like minded people! Regardless if you are attending solo, as a group or catching up with friends you will be welcomed with open arms!

Workshops - Talks - Networking - Fundraising - Learning

We understand that everyone has different want and needs so we do our best to cover as much as possible with out the day being overwhelming.

All attendees receive a certificate of attendance, a goody bag & a day to remember.


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