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Grip Lash Adhesive

Drying Time : 0.5-1 Sec

Colour : Black

Professional Use Only


Humidity: 35– 55%

Temperature: 18-24c


All clients should be offered a patch test.

Please follow your insurance guidelines in regards to patch testing.

If A Patch Test Is Required :

Cover Lower Lashes

Place 5-10 lashes on each eye

Approx 24/48 hours prior to appointment.

Following Manufacture Guidelines :

No Patch Test Required - Providing the client has made a FULLY informed decision based on the below :

Cyanoacrylate is one of the main ingredient in lash extension adhesive. It is also the reason for most reactions/allergies/sensitivities. It is an irritant for your skin, eyeballs and respiratory functions. For this reason, lash adhesives should not touch the skin or be inhaled.

A patch may not give a clear indication of whether or not a reaction will occur.

This is because of 2 reasons:

1. A patch test does not give full exposure in the same way a full set of lashes will.

2. Lash adhesive allergies and sensitivities are cumulative, meaning they may build up over time.It is more likely for allergies/sensitivities to occur after you have been having lashes or more.

This is due to the build up over time.

However it does not mean an allergy/sensitivity may not occur at a patch test/first appointment.


If client has previously reacted to having lash extension we do not advise you carry out the treatment.

Grip Lash Adhesive (New & Improved Same As Our Fast Grip)

VAT Included
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